Monday, May 10, 2010

Large scale advertising painters

Walking around cities, you can still se the traces old the old school adverts, where they would paint directly on the wall.
Until I found this clip, I thought this art was dead.
But as it turns out, it isn’t. Which is great!
The work they produce in this clips is a thing of beauty. At the end you will see that the image changes with the sunlight as it touches on different angles.
This is a lovely, lovely way to advertise which I hope will make a strong come back!

Oh, and if you happen to miss it. The film is sponsored by Stella Artois

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A sneak peak at some lingerie.

This is the first lingerie ad I’ve seen, and liked.
And I really like it.
They are drawing attention to the store, before it even opens.
As you are invited to have a sneak peak at the ladies as they walk
around, there it causes no offence to any conservative members
of the public, and the once that enjoy the view, can hang a round
for a bit. As we can see one man doing in the film.
Great idea and implementation.
I’m sure their first week open will be quite busy. =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Chrome ad

And while I’m on the subject of Chrome, how cute isn’t this?
Very nice stop motion animation which simply and clearly,
as well as cleverly explains the features in Chrome.

Chrome features

With this ad, I like their use of material, and the revealing of how the browser simulation was done.
But as much as I like it, this doesn’t feel like one collected ad.
I think this would work much better as separate ads, one for
each feature. If this is what they intended, then I like it, but it
doesn’t state that it is so. So I’m a little bit disappointed by the
disruption that the introduction of each feature creates.
I wish they would have used a similar type for continuation in this ad, as they did for this one.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


You’ve probably heard of flash mob.
This is the little brother of that concept; Planemob,
brought to you by Germanwing

Nice and simple ad, which makes you smile, and as you can hear
in the end of the ad,make the people viewing the ad ’live’ laugh.

Drama queen

Wow. That is one really really bad kid!
An effective ad, I’ll give them that.
It would also work very well as a condom campaign along this ad:
Use condoms

Smoking: toxic waste

I have seen many anti smoking ads and campaigns,
but non similar to this. They have taken a unique approach,
and are telling a storywhere a company is dispose of their
toxic waste, through cigarettes. They are implying that
smokers are poisoning their body,and pay for it.
The boardroom, and attire of the actors make this ad believable,
and you could imagine this to be that start of smoking.
I like the way they have created an ad, which tells the story about
how bad smoking is, but does so subtlety, and with finesse.