Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dentyne pure: Epic rap battle.

If your trying to impress the waitress, why not do it with a rap battle
against your friend? Now I’m not one to judge what good or bad when it come to rap,
but their arguments are pretty funny.
Maybe a bit to much information… =P

Facebook? No, it's Facepark.

I have been waiting to see if someone would take facebook offline
and use it promotionally, and someone did. =)

Diesel is running a “Be Stupid” campaign, where they encourage people to be stupid,
and smart isn’t cool. They created the concept “Facepark”, where people could
waste their time outside in the park, instead of online.
I will admit, I am a bit of a fb addict, but I do also see the slightly ridiculous side to it.
I think this idea is fun, and would have loved to participate.
The big “poke” hand is great.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lilac Wine.

A very nice song, and a beautifully illustrated animation.
So lovely!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

McDonalds - baby in the car

This is the sweetest McDonalds ad I’ve ever seen.
At first you might think there’s something wrong with this man or his car,
but then you find out he has a sleeping baby in the back.
It’s so nice how they work together =)

HBO: Cube Film Installation

What a great idea. A really interesting way to display the film, and captivate
the audience. I wish I could have seen it live!

Dinner Plans, Vonage phone company

This one starts out a bit predictable (in the copy), but saves it and become funny
at the end. “Please don‘t make me say dressy”.
Also a good visual. Could have been an ad for long distance as well.
As in other side of the world - up down! =)

Answer 3 questions

Some good advice =)

You can say anything with a smile x3

This is really silly, but it works! =P
I couldn’t help but smile as I was watching if.