Friday, April 30, 2010

Audi: Unboxed

BBH has created a simply beautiful ad for Audi.
An animated line drawn man builds the Audi Q5 out of a cardboard box, illustrating that the makers of the Audi Q5,
have ‘unboxed the box’.

The illustration in simple and elegant, and the movements
of the cardboard box are delicate and beautiful to watch.
This is an ad I’m happy to see again and again.

The song ‘take me riding’ complements the animation very nicely,
and completes the ad.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flax lodd (Instant Lottery) Frosty morning

A lovely ad from, you guessed it, Norway =)

At first the man seems like the biggest as, but it turns out well =P

Jeeps have special parking places =)

An old outdoor campaign where fake parking spots where made
to show the roughness of the car, showing that you can park it
on any terrain. =)

Very nice and simple campaign which I'm sure would make
any Jeep owner smile.

Monday, April 26, 2010

David Carson on design + discovery

Carson talkes about his work and found images.
Very nice, and often quite funny =)

Old Spice: The man you man could smell like

I like this ad, because, I see it as a clever spin of the old car ads for men.

Those ads spoke to the simplicity of a man;
Beautiful woman next to car - man buy car - man thinks he will get woman.

But this ad speaks to the complexity of a woman and her ability to fantasise…
Hot man selling Old Spice - woman buy Old Spice - her man smells like Old Spice - woman thinks of the hot man on TV when she smells her man.

I wonder what men think of this commercial…

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Durex - get it on.

Another condom ad, but this one is more colourful and fun.

Stratos chocolate

I remember this ad when it was shown in Norway many years ago.

What a sweet ad, which doesn't really sell the product, but is remembered.

Use condoms

I have a strong love hate relationship with this ad.
From a creatives view, I think it's great.
The point get throught in a simple, and very clear way.
No one want's this experience, and it certainly does not
give you a strong desire to have a child.

But on the other hand, I really don't like watching it.
I hate listening to the screaming child, and the ad never fails
to give me a headace.
Which, I guess, only proves the effectiveness of it =)

Google Chrome extensions

It feels a bit strange to see an moving ad for a web browser,
but I like the design of it.
The visualisations are feel delicate and look quite cute.

Am I wrong when I read the use of a camera on a train track as an indication to say that everything is running smoothly?
If this was there plan, then it is a very nice and subtle touch.

Always wear your seatbelt!

A beautiful ad encouraging the use of seatbelt, visualized in a moving way.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Knitted ad!!

Absolutely beautiful ad for natural gas.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wardburtons Bread ad

I've got to give it to Wardburtons Bread, they really really care about their bread. This is true commitment to the job!

Mini "Moustache" ad

A cute and funny Mini ad.
There are two more in the series, so have a look at them aswell.
A great use of humor! =)

The last advertising agency on earth

The ancient story of survival, adapt or die, told in our age of new technology.

The story is told as if this is an event which has happened. Do to lack of adaptation and willingness to adhere to the consumers new found media and interest, the advertising agency’s have all perished.

I like this ad because it makes a valid point about adaptation, new media and consumer choice without preaching for agency’s to change. It is suggesting how the future will be if we do not change.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

“Don’t torture our aquatic life”

is the tagline of Earth Choice, which is a cleaning product.

This ad shows people performing everyday tasks,
cleaning their house, but the products they use has been changes,
with good effect.
The dishes are done with a starfish, floor is scrubbed with and octopus, the toilet is cleaned with a duck and the shower is cleaned with a mantaray.

The message is clear and the ad hits home.

Barnardo’s: interactive poster

Barnardo have created an interactive poster where, when you donate, the image will change.
The expression on the girls face is breathtaking, and the slight change is moving.

I love the new use of this media and how it makes suffering, which is so easily ignored, more personal and imidiate. The change in the poster is a instant reward for the audience, and the donation will be a long(er) term reward, as it will be going to a child in need.

Pepsi vs. Coke: Vending machine

A simple ad from Pepsi, where they use their competitors, Coca Cola product to make the point.

According to, this ad was banned.
Have a look =)