Monday, June 27, 2011

The Shell lady is back :)

Shell had a campaign in the 1990’s for ”extra Service”, where Marianne Frogness featured in TV ads. She works in a petrol station and complaint about the
costumers who want’s this or tha service. To which she notes
“We don’t do that here, that’s Shell”

As they are now bringing the term ”extra Service” back, they are also bringing
the Shell lady back. I await excited to see how they will update the character
and what she will say next.

Have a look at the old character from 1992 here:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Burma campaign

JWT New York won a black pencil at the D&AD awards fpr their 'Burma' campaign for Human Rights Watch in the installations category.
Great, great peice of work!


Fun and true to their brand.
Great idea!!

Speed camera lottery

It’s back! :D
I loved fun theory when it first started and I’m delighted to find that they have not given up on this.
Keep it up!!

Where would you wake up?

Fifty People, One Question: London from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

Is it weird that my first thought was heaven?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The DNB logo

There has been some negative feedback on this logo, and as far as I know. Not much positive.
Firstly there is the price. Said to cost somewhere between 150-170 million NOK, that’s about 15-17million pounds. From this, the company will get 13-17 million NOK (1,3 – 1,7 million pounds), just in fees.
(Reference -

I find myself wondering (considering that Snøhetta design is a company within Snøhetta, which is a well known, even world known architectural design company) if this price includes a fabulously designed new building aswell…?

I’ve got nothing bad to say about Snøhetta. I was at a talk they had just this year, and although a bit eccentric for my taste, I respect their thought process, considerations and designs.
But I can’t understand the price tag… I know great design should be valued and it’s not only the price for the logo, but still. Over 150million NOK! How much do the charge for a building then?

But back to the logo.

- dead boring
- lacks character
- aggressive
- childish
- lacks the right values

People aren’t agreeing on what’s wrong, just that IT’S wrong.
“Is a simple, clean and tidy solution[…] But it doesn’t tell me anything about what the company does. ” - Designer Marius Renberg

Can you find a bank logo (in Norway) that tells you that it’s a bank, when you removed your preconceived notions about it? I can’t.

“This doesn’t have to be an indication that a new profile process is required. It’s more a reminder that the real profile is created through longevity and consistent work over weeks, months and years to come ”
- Geir A. Skomsøy (

In short, advertising…

I feel quite indifferent to the new logo, but I find it unfortunate that it’s not more exciting and bold.
Take a look at this logo.

I can’t help but notice a striking similarity to the DNB logo.
Here is their web page:
Take a look, and feel free to notice that DNB is a partner with this company.
Was the new logo design to have a connection to this company or is it just a lucky/unlucky fluke?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beautiful art

The ad in it self is okey.
The art work on the other hand, is mesmorizing, so beautiful!