Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sesame Street: Old Spice

Love love love =D

Monkeys and typewriters. Costa coffee.

I like the idea of using an age old theory to create an ad.
And this one has a very nice theory and a great visual at the end.
I miss the coffee shops in London and the sight full coffees.

But a part of me, unfortunately, can’t help to think about the fact that
some monkey’s will eat smaller monkey’s and such a blend of species
in unnatural surroundings must be stressful for them.
If I did not know this, I would have been able to enjoy this ad a bit more.

Ley's Kettle Carved Billboard.

To show that their kettle cooked ships are made in the traditional way,
they spent 10days hand carving this beautiful billboard.
An original and remarkable campaign! =) Would love to have taken part. =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thinkbox: Everybody needs a Harvey

I have no clue what a Thinkbox is, and this ad doesn't help.
But it is very sweet and quite funny. =)

Kick ass sneakers ballet

This is a very clever campaign. What a way to sell shoes :D
There is several more, so have a look around!